Junk Removal Services – Toronto Junk Removal

Most people have been in this scenario before: they take a look around their property and are overwhelmed with all of the stuff–some useful and some not so useful–they’ve accumulated. Or maybe they’re attempting to help out a relative or friend with their cleanup project. Regardless, when you’re overwhelmed with the task in front of you, it can feel impossible to get done.


That’s why Econo Bins Inc. offers junk removal services. These are meant to help those who are too overwhelmed to tackle the project alone–or are simply physically unable to do so. We believe in everyone having the right to a clean home or property, and that’s why we do everything in our power to make it happen. With our junk removal services, you can rest easy. Econo Bins Inc. will show up to any location in or around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with a dumpster and a team of junk removal specialists ready to remove all trash from your property. Whether it’s a lot of old newspapers or scrap wood, we can help you out with properly disposing of the junk. Why Choose Econo Bins Inc. Junk Removal Services? It’s quick. Many cleanups can be done in a day or less. It’s affordable. We have competitive pricing when compared to other junk removal services in Canada. It’s easy. There’s no need for you to spend all day or all weekend throwing trash into a dumpster. Just call us, tell us what to remove, and we’ll take care of all the rest

We have top quality equipment. All of your junk will be properly disposed of. Contact Econo Bins Inc. to get started on cleaning up your property!