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Do you feel sad when you see the furniture or toys for children being crushed in the back of a garbage truck? When you see a good which are clearly sitting on the sidewalk waitng to be released in the truck and mashed with the nasty trash, have you ever wanted to save the elements? Or just to see them break?


Re: furniture, I’m really a kind of snob – if tasteless furniture particle board I wonder why someone bought it in the first place. That is, one could argue “that’s all I could afford, but that is obviously a flawed argument from the furniture to stop away, which means that the owners bought a new set of furniture and not have anything for inexpensive furniture. You can buy good things from Crate & Barrel or West Elm perhaps twice as cheap, but hard is not shameful in the light, and you do not have to be replaced. I can buy antiques – I will never be replaced. Not really a question of “what you can afford.” After my divorce, I slept on a mattress and box spring and used cardboard boxes until I could buy antiques. I area of antique shops and waited until someone lost its lease and had to leave his shop – it was cheaper for him to unload the furniture with deep discounts to move and the risk of damage. I have an additional discount for the purchase of several pieces at once. People who buy can afford particle board particle board. It is perhaps half the price of Crate and Barrel. So regardless of the time you saved to buy particle board, saving up to twice as long – – – instead of 4 months, 8. Even Ikea, if you go for the look of mid-century, would be only 50% more The particle board, and be fashionable, especially in a high-rise ranch, or two levels.

Or save for a couple of years and buy antiques. Ultimately, I spend less money on furniture that people who bought particle board, because I will be with the same furniture when I’m in my 80 years – in fact furniture probably outlast me. So I guess I get to the same place – both see it as a loss, but I think the original purchase as a loss.